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Changing the rules for web development!

Element is not an application that you have to install and maintain. Element allows you to manage and maintain everything on your website that is hosted on our servers. So you don't have to worry about anything but your content. You just open your web browser, go to Element and start managing your website. Although Element is built in Flash Builder, it displays your site to your visitors in standard HTML.

Element requires no programming knowledge or HTML experience. No longer do you need to create hundreds of webpage files on your own and then upload and maintain them on a web server manually. When you want to create a webpage, simply click on Add a Page and then enter the content right there, in real-time. The new page will automatically be formatted to your site's template.

We host the server for you, we backup your content nightly, we take all the work out of maintaining a website and allow you to focus on what is important to you, what it says. In fact this entire website is maintained and hosted using Element!

Let's take a look at some of Element's features:

Web Pages Icon

Web Pages

Create an unlimited number of web pages right on the server, in real-time, using an intuitive, WYSIWYG visual editor similar to Microsoft Word®. Every page that you create will automatically be formatted using your site's template.

You can add text, insert images, videos, YouTube® videos, Flash movies, interactive Google© Maps, MP3s, IFRAMEs, tables, buttons, bullet lists, even spell check the whole page. Just about everything you can imagine can be done. The page you're viewing is created using the editor.

Every page on this website was created using Element.


Navigational Menus

Menus are at the heart of every website. Poorly designed menus can lead your visitors down the wrong path. Element allows you to build your own navigational menus with a simple, visually oriented tree.

You can add up to 4 sub levels of menu items and drag and drop the menu items into any order you desire or have them automatically sorted alphabetically.



Want to have your own online diary or offer your visitors commentary on subject matter. Well then Element's Blogs are for you. Included in your basic package at no additional cost, Element's Blog module has it all. You can post as many blogs as you want and select to have open comments, moderated comments or allow no comments at all at the blog entry level.

Element's Blogging will notify you via email when comments are posted and allow your visitors to subscribe to blog entries and receive emails as well. As the author of the blog entry, you have full control over the comments posted and can remove comments at anytime.

So sign up for an Element account and start blogging today!


Shopping Cart

A fully functional shopping cart for all your eCommerce needs. Utilizing PayPal's® free Website Payments Standard account or PayPal's® Website Payments Pro account you can sell your products directly from your Element hosted website. Just create your PayPal® account and begin creating your departments/categories and entering your products into Element.

**NOTE: You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to purchase products using this shopping cart. Anyone with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal account can purchase from you using this shopping cart and it is fully secured using the latest SSL encryption.

You can specify everything about your product down to the greatest detail. We provide you with a product listing that will allow your buyers to search and sort through your products and departments to find what they want with ease. Your products will also be automatically added to your RSS feeds as they are entered.

Multimedia Files

Multimedia Files

Easily upload documents such as PDFs, Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel®, videos & images and then link to them from within your web pages or embed them directly into your pages.

With Element's Multimedia Files module you can create folders for organizing your files. Upload multiple files at a time, rename, download and delete files using the module.

Forms Icon

Submission Forms

Create robust submission forms to obtain information from your visitors. Using Element's Form module, you can create forms with as many fields as you desire. Including input text fields, drop-down lists, text areas, file attachments, checkboxes and even CAPTCHA input for form security.

You can also duplicate forms that you have created to ease with developing several forms based on a certain form's template.

Gallery Icon

Photo Galleries

Create appealing, easy to navigate photo galleries. Upload multiple images at the same time and then organize them within galleries. Drag and drop to rearrange them into whatever order you wish. You can also tag the images with text and choose which image should represent the gallery.

News & Events Icon

News & Events

Post news & events that can be placed in your own personal calendar, listed on your home page, searched on as well as categorized. Your events and news can also be set to automatically be moved to an archive area or deleted on whatever date you select.

Directory Icon

Member Directory

List your members (employees, family, etc) in your own easy to use member directory. You can group them by department, write a complete biography about them and even upload a personal photograph for each member in the directory.

Jobs Icon

Job Postings

Post jobs online for job search candidates. Have your potential candidates register their profile or apply directly using standard or custom application forms you create. Using Element's Candidate Profile feature, your potential candidate's information and resumes will be stored on the server for you, to reference at anytime, as well as export. You can also just have the online application send you the applicant's information and resume to your email address without storing the candidate's information on the server.

Locator Icon


List your locations with Element's Locator module. Build a store locator or display the locations of your upcoming events using an embedded Google map. Element makes it easy to add a map to any webpage. By entering your locations we create a detailed map with proximity searching, a location listing, categories and location detail popup bubbles.

Password Protect Icon

Membership Registration & Password Protection

With Element you can allow your visitors to register for membership in order to capture key demographic information as well as allow them access to protected content throughout your website. You can have upto 10 levels of access in order to allow different member levels to see different levels of protected content. You can protect your site at the page, microsite or site level as well.

Manager Accounts Icon

Content Manager Accounts

Maintain user accounts that have different access rights to help you maintain your site and it's content. You can allow individual access to different sites for the same user. Let's say you have 2 websites and wish to have one of your users be a site administrator for one site and only a content manager for the other. No problem, with Element you have the ability to set security rights at the user level for every site and every user.

Flowplayer Rave Icon

MP3 & FLV Players

Need an MP3 or FLV player for your site? Element has you covered with access to Flowplayer (FLV) and Rave by Wimpy for all your MP3/FLV play list needs. These players are already integrated into Element so you can just choose to embed the player right into your web page. Using Rave by Wimpy, you can have automatic play lists of your MP3s & FLVs by simply uploading those files to the rave directory in Element's Multimedia Files module. **Note: A small one time licensing fee of $60.00 is required in order to gain access to the Rave player by Wimpy.

SEO Icon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to be found on the Internet? Then our built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features will help you attain the traffic you're looking for. Element was built with SEO in mind. You can enter in search keywords & page descriptions that will be used by search engines to list your site properly. Element was built to use the proper coding to move your site up the search engine listings. Take advantage of friendly URLs, headings, alternate text on images, keyword placement, friendly sitemaps and 301 redirects.


Website Statistics

Every website you create on Element comes with it's own free website statistics application provided by the statistics leader SmarterStats by SmarterTools.You can track everything with 7 day overviews, Data mining, files, traffic, paths, visitors, referrals, browsers, search engines, server utilization, geographic or choose fro the standard reports already built for you.

RSS Icon

RSS Feeds

Need to offer RSS feed integration into your site? Element offers you the ability to create channels and offer them for subscription. Create channels for your News, Events, Job Postings, Directory, Photo Galleries, shopping cart or even web pages that you want to offer up. It's easy to setup, just click on the RSS Enabled checkbox and Element will start offering your RSS feeds right away.

Component Icon

Custom Components

Did we miss anything? If you have something special, something you cannot find with other content management systems or hosting sites, then, for a fee, we can build you a custom component to meet your needs.

Custom components are web applications you have built specifically to fill a need that's not already being offered. Take for example: Let's say you want a submission form that your sales force, out in the field, can fill out and submit to a back-end database where you can then generate reports from and track their progress. In a case like this, we can build you that application and embed it right into your current site with a custom component.

Backup Icon

Nightly Backups

We take the maintenance out of your daily routine. We perform nightly backups of all your content and files for you. This way, you can focus on the development of your site and not have to worry about protecting all of your hard work.

Help Icon


Help at every turn. Element was built with that in mind. Regardless of what module you're in, there is full help pertaining to that area. We also placed information icons next to just about every input field that will describe in more detail what that field is used for. There are also help 'bubbles' that will pop-up on any buttons that are disabled to inform you of why the button is not available.

Microsite Icon


What in the world is a microsite? Well, microsites allow you to sectionalize your website into logical areas that will pertain to that particular topic. Example: Say you have a Human Resources department and you want them to have a site specifically to meet their needs. That's a microsite.

With every microsite you get a home page for that microsite and a new navigational menu specifically for that microsite. You can then develop as many pages as you want under that microsite. This will provide you with the ability to have a web address that can point visitors directly to that area of the website such as: You can also register domain names that point directly to you microsite.

Site Templates Icon

Site Templates

Choose from one of our many free professionally designed pre-built templates or have us create a customized template just for you. If you want to have a site designed for you, we are partnered with SodaPop Media, LLC who can design a world class site for you. Modify your chosen or customized template anytime. Change the background, screen position, button style (over 350 to choose from), upload your own custom logo and banner (Flash or image), change the title of your News, Events, Job Posting, Directory and Photo Gallery pages. Over 90% of your site template is in your direct control using Element.

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Custom Package
PagesUnlimited Pages PagesUnlimited Pages PagesUnlimited Pages PagesUnlimited Pages
Storage500MB Storage Storage1GB Storage Storage1.5GB Storage StorageUnlimited Storage
Users2 Managers Users4 Managers Users6 Managers UsersUnlimited Managers




Starting at

  Bronze Package  
PagesUnlimited Pages
Storage500MB Storage
Users2 Managers


Silver Package
PagesUnlimited Pages
 Storage1GB Storage
Users4 Managers


Gold Package
PagesUnlimited Pages
Storage1.5GB Storage
Users6 Managers


Custom Package
PagesUnlimited Pages
StorageUnlimited Storage
UsersUnlimited Managers

Starting at

Element is created with you in mind and for an affordable price. If you need a custom package designed to meet your needs, just contact us anytime.

**Prices are subject to change without notice.

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