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About Us

"I would like to begin by saying thank you for stopping by and considering us for your Internet marketing and custom software development needs. We are dedicated to providing our clientele with outstanding service and reliability everyday. We strive to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction not because we have to but because we want to.

Now, we are realists and understand that not everything is going to go perfectly, there will be times when things don't go right and that's where we add value that can't be found with other hosting and software development services. We are always there and more than happy and willing to help ensure your website and applications are world class.

We feel that our job is more than just offering you a web server to post some pages on. It goes far beyond that. We will be there for you when you need help, we will always continue to improve and enhance our software to make it more intuitive and robust so that it meets your needs."

- Randal G. Lynch, Founder & Chief Developer (Hydrogen)

What does it take to provide you with outstanding service?

Data Center

Our cloud based hosting servers are located at Enterhost in Fort Worth Texas. Enterhost operates a Tier-1 data center located below street level. Over $8 million dollars was invested in building out the 20,000 square foot dedicated server hosting facility. Enterhost's data center is engineered with fully redundant electrical, mechanical and network infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of availability. Enterhost logo

Network Security

Network security has always been one of the key elements that differentiates our hosting services from other providers. When we built our network, we did not view security as just a component of the network. We designed the entire network around our security requirements. This approach led us to build the most scalable security centered hosting environment available today.

Physical Security

Physical security is considered equally as important as our network security infrastructure. Our data center has been designed to prevent unauthorized access, theft, fire and other physical threats. Our facility is physically located below ground shielding us from direct exposure to outside elements. It is monitored 24/7 using biometric technology, closed circuit security camera network, and a physical alarm system.

Mechanical Systems

Our data center was engineered using the latest mission-critical facility design standards and best practices. A significant investment was made in planning, designing and procuring our mechanical systems infrastructure to ensure the facility could support our specific hosting application today as well as future technology life cycles.

Network Diagram

Enterhost maintains a carrier class network designed and built for low latency, high reliability and maximum scalability. We have designed and built a fully redundant Cisco powered network entirely built on the Catalyst 7600, 6500 and 2960 series platforms. We have direct gigabit fiber and fully adveritised routes to AT&T, Grande, Alpheus, Sprint, Level 3, Time Warner, Global Crossing, Qwest, Savvis and AboveNet.

Founder & Chief Developer (Hydrogen)

Molecular Software, LLC was founded in February 2008 by Randal G. Lynch, MCSE, MCP+I. Randal has been developing dynamic ColdFusion/Javascript websites, Microsoft SQL databases and Microsoft Windows Applications for large enterprises such as Verizon, AT&T, Value Behavioral Health & The University of Dallas. He began developing websites in 1994 and software applications over 24 years ago and has developed more than one hundred unique applications and hundreds of websites.

Randal has also been awarded two United States Patents for wireless tracking applications and two patent pending applications
6,569,011 - System and method for player tracking
6,561,809 - Virtual battlefield simulator system & method
20030195022 - System and method for asset tracking.
20150179006 - Electronic Locker System.

Randal Lynch - FounderIn 2002, Randal was contracted by The University of Dallas to develop a content management system to help them manage their websites. After 18 months of development, he completed the application and it was evaluated by an outside firm (Flowserve Corporation) at $1.3 million (based on bids Flowserve received for CMS development).

After developing the content management system for The University of Dallas, Randal continually received requests for freelance website development and a commercial version of the content management system he built for the University. In February 2008, he decided to meet the requests and began development on Molecular Software's flagship product called Element.

Randal decided to provide you with the latest in website development, all hosted in the cloud at Enterhost in Ft. Worth Texas and continuely maintaining a "five-nines" (99.999%) up-time. 

We at Molecular Software continue to enhance Element on a daily basis in order to provide you with the latest advancements in web technology so your site can compete in today's competitive Internet marketing space.

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