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With RSS, you can find the latest information about us without searching around our web site - you can even set it up to see the "headlines" in your reader before visiting the site.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a tool that allows us to publish new information and updates that will be picked up by customers who subscribe to our RSS feeds.

Example: If you are interested in our news, you could subscribe to our news feed. Then whenever we post a news article, it is automatically added to the feed and it will show up when you view the feed, or it can show up as a short headline in your RSS reader that will link to the appropriate page.

The different RSS feeds are listed below. The way you subscribe to these feeds depends on the RSS reader you're using, but can be as simple as clicking on the RSS icon next to the feed.

Element Screenshots

A photo gallery of screen shots showing Molecular Software's flagship product, Element, in full detail.
Content Management
Free Templates

Web Pages

About Us
About Molecular Software. From our philosophy to our reliability. Describes our hardware infrastructure, security and founder/chief developer.
Content Migration Forms
Here you can find the forms that are required in order to migrate your current website to a newly created Element website.
Learn more about our flagship product dubbed Element. A look inside our Content Management System.
Element Registration
Sign up for Element and start building your web site right away. You are just a few clicks away from marketing on the Internet the easy way.
Getting Started
Getting Started Method One
Getting Started Method Three
Getting Started Method Two
Help Video - Accounts (Help Videos)
Help Video - Additional Meta Tags (Help Videos)
Help Video - Directory Options (Help Videos)
Help Video - Events Options (Help Videos)
Help Video - Members Options (Help Videos)
Help Video - News Articles (Help Videos)
Help Video - News Options (Help Videos)
Help Video - Sites (Help Videos)
Help Video - Users (Help Videos)
Help Video - Viewing Options (Help Videos)
Fusing Technology with Creativity. Welcome to Molecular Software. Home of the intuitive, reliable & inexpensive content management system dubbed Element. Your web just got a whole lot wider!
Mechanical Systems
Get a detailed description of the mechanical systems we have in place to provide you with outstanding service and reliability.
Network Security
Network security is another feature we provide our clients for peace of mind.
Physical Security
Not only do we provide network security but physical security is just as vital.
Veiw our latest and featured clients. Custom development, custom templates.
Services offered by Molecular Software that go above and beyond our content management system. Graphic Design, Custom Web Site Templates, Flash Development & Custom Components.
Test Drive Element
Take Element for a test drive today!

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